The Physics of Superheroes

In The Physics of Superheroes: Spectacular Second Edition, Professor James Kakalios explains in a fun and accessible manner a broad range of physics, from Isaac Newton to the transistor — but there’s not an inclined plane or pulley in sight! Rather, all of the examples come from superhero comic books and in particular, those cases where the superheroes get their physics right!

“Wildly entertaining, yet scientifically accurate… Comprises a fairly solid introductory education in physics, sweetened with a history lesson in classic comic book superheroes.” — Metro

Inside you’ll discover the real science behind Krypton’s explosion, learn why Spider-Man’s webbing couldn’t save his girlfriend’s life, and see solid-state physics at work in Iron Man’s armor!

In this totally revised and updated second edition, Aquaman explains fluid mechanics, the Human Top and Whirlwind teach angular momentum, Watchmen’s Nite Owl elucidates conservation of energy, and the entire Justice League and the Avengers explain materials science!

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The Physics of Superheroes

The Spectacular Second Edition is on sale now.
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