The Physics of Everyday Things

From the moment we wake up until we go to sleep at days end, we employ the most amazing science as we go about our everyday tasks, whether using a toaster to make breakfast, checking a smartphone for the day’s weather report or watching a flat-screen television. Yet most of us don’t understand the physics that makes our modern world so convenient.

From high-speed elevators to the complex inner workings of ultrasound imaging, and TSA screening devices, the technology we routinely use can seem mystifying. How do touch-screens work, and how do our wrist fitness monitors keep track of our steps? How do we glide through tolls using an E-Z Pass, or find our way to new places using GPS in our hybrid cars?

Coupling each cogent explanation with a story showing the astonishing physics at work, Kakalios explores the interplay of the invisible forces surrounding us. Through this “narrative physics,” Kakalios demonstrates that sophisticated science is quite practical. In crisp, lucid prose and with his signature cleverness, Kakalios illuminates the scientific principles we take for granted – and shows us how the ordinary is also quite exciting.

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